The supercomputer made of you

Users store files and run computing tasks on a secure platform

Hosts get paid for sharing spare storage and processing power

AI keeps transactions fair and efficient, boosting performance and uptime


Store, share, compute

Access fast, ultra-secure storage and cloud computing that checks every box, plus the bells & whistles of blockchain and decentralization.

Enterprise ready

Secured by blockchain and military-grade encryption.

Cloud compatibility

Works with S3, Google, Dropbox, and other blockchain-based cloud solution

Become a host

Share silicon, get paid

Earn revenue from unused storage and processing power on your PC, server or data center. Set up the app easily and start earning right away.

Discover hosting

Scale up your cloud

Easily deploy DApps nodes and cloud apps, run data-hungry enterprise projects and much more on our growing, democratically-priced infrastructure.


Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

“Comprehensive set of startup tools for all imaginable entrepreneurial needs. Create landing pages, send emails, find freelancers. Perfect for sales, marketing, and support”

Viella Malkovich

Creative Director at Johnson

Soar above with decentralized cloud