Frequently asked questions


We will start with Ethereum and expand to Tangle. Our development will include AI and Machine Learning capabilities to optimize decentralized storage and task processing allocation through continuous computational learning from our chain's operation and performance.
We plan to use ensemble techniques for classification, but we may need to apply deep learning techniques as well. It all depends on the data that we will collect from the platform during its performance.
No, we will use TIES.DB for storage. Centralized solutions are quite different from decentralized platforms. Our solution, compared to AWS, is more reliable, cost-effective, efficient and secure.
We plan to support any task (generic platform). During the first stage it will be submitted to the grid as compiled, but we wish to expand to actual code and create an interface to other complex computations. It will support AI, deep learning and Artificial Neural Networks, but also conventional processing, such as SQL queries.
We plan on developing separate solutions for both platforms and merging them with IAGON's Smart Grid engine, which will automatically select where to allocate the task/storage according to its computational attributes.
Nodes at the beginning. Personal computers, data centres, phones, any device with a cpu or gpu chip (down the road) and Blockchain projects.
Users will always control their own private keys, but they will be stored on the Blockchain
The platform is generic, you can store any type of files on it (sql db, pictures, video, ms office files, etc.)
It is true. Think about a grid of computational or cloud services that can distribute the tasks optimally, as it continuously "learns" from the attributes of each machine and the resulting performance of it and can fine-tune itself, better allocate tasks to the machines, etc. The Blockchain enables complete protection of any data involved, either applied as a public cloud (public Blockchain) or within large organizations as a private cloud.


The fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a huge factor on our platform.
Our competition includes: Storj, SONM, DADI, Golem, iExec, dfinity and Siacoin. You can find complete details on our competitor analysis through the following resource:
Sia focuses purely on decentralized storage. We analyze the forthcoming challenges of cloud services and concluded that our Smart Computational Grid will support both high volume storage (to support Big Data repositories and databases), processing power by cpu (for large conventional processing tasks such as sql on big data dbs) and gpu processing (for AI tasks, such as deep learning and neural network operation).
If the user/business wants to store their data through our platform, but use Sia, that would be possible.
It is. Our main centralized competitor is AWS
IOTA is not a competitor, but an enabler of our solution using Tangle technology. We will partner with IOTA and any other Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)/Blockchain platform solution to build the decentralized cloud computing solutions.
Bluzelle is more focused on storage. We are focusing on storage and processing power, building an all in one solution. Similar to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and IBM Watson.


You will be able to mine after our main token sale
IAGON encrypts the files users upload to the network with SHA-256 (military grade) encryption before each file is sharded (split into many slices), each shard (slice) is then copied and all shards/copies are spread to the network.
The miners that support the network will be paid IAG tokens in return for allocating their resources (CPU, GPU processing power and storage) to the network.
As a miner you have the freedom to choose how much you want to allocate.
The MVP is available to all. The actual miner app will be released after the token sale.
There are limited spots, so if you sign up to the miner program first, you will have first chance to mine.
UI/UX for miner and client application — Version 2.0.2-alpha. The mining will be available after main sale. You can review this video for more info: It's on track to be completed, and at this time, you can use on your pc or laptop and eventually with any smart device.


IAGON has 3 founders: Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal, Dr. Claudio Lima and Dr. Elad Harison.
IAGON is registered as a Norwegian company
Torggata 71, 2317 Hamar, Norway
We currently do not have a phone number. All of our support is done online.
You can send us an email at or engage in real-time messaging via telegram at
IAGON’s core team has 29 members.
We had a bounty, however this ended on August 31st. For any bounty concerns you can reach out to .
Yes! Please view them by following the links below: