Iagon for individuals

Store files securely

Protect sensitive files or host side projects with the impenetrable security of blockchain

Put your PC to work

Earn IAG tokens sharing unused storage and CPU cycles on your home PC or laptop.

Use integrated apps

Access productivity apps, storage optimization or the latest De-Fi/DApps in one place.

Iagon for developers

Blockchain nodes

Iagon is built on the Ethereum blockchain, with plans to support IOTA Tangle soon. We’re currently working hard with select DApps developers to prepare our infrastructure for easy node deployment. We’d love to hear about your project and get you involved early on.

Storage + processing power on a single infrastructure
Unmatched cost effectiveness via constant optimization
AI optimization layer ensures uptime and stability
Technology-agnostic architecture supports any distributed ledger

Cloud applications

As a full-fledged cloud computing infrastructure, Iagon is built to support all the apps and features devs know and love. Be the next to integrate your stack with the future of cloud computing.

Enterprise Solutions

Trade cloud computing

With our patent-pending technology hosts sell spare storage and processing power to users worldwide. Make your own servers or data centers earn revenue, or access fairly priced computing resources with no lock-in and no surprises

Get secure, stable, competitive cloud storage
Share server resources and earn IAG tokens
Pay as you go for processing power
Deploy private grids powered by blockchain at your premises
Use Iagon’s AI to optimize your servers and data centers

License our tech

Get some of our magic under your roof, even without connecting to Iagon’s global cloud. Our team will help optimize your own enterprise grid with bleeding edge cloud computing solutions.

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