Effortless revenue

Plug and play. No
maintenance required.

Existing devices

Works with any PC, server
or data center. Soon,
mobile devices too!

Fair pricing

Efficient marketplace
mediated by artificial

Rent resources

Become the cloud

Share any amount of spare storage and computing resources with Iagon’s network. The Host app is easy to install on your computer or data center, and we’re always here to help with setup.

Earn IAG

Make it ‘rain’

Get paid in IAG, Iagon’s token currency, for the time, resources and good hospitality you lend to the cloud. Unlock new revenue – whether by sipping latte with you computer on, or drafting custom smart contracts for your GPU servers

Cloud Score

Defines the price you can get for your shared resources on the democratic marketplace.


Share more storage,
power and bandwidth


Share more storage, power and bandwidth


Keep IP addresses, settings and resource allocation stead


Avoid moving, renaming or deleting stored file segments

On Iagon every cloud gets its unique silver lining

Our powerful artificial intelligence continually fine-tunes the marketplace to
reward the most valuable contributors and ensure maximum performance.

Discover the tech stack

Steer the winds

Take action to boost your score, ‘play the markets’ with custom pricing, or enter ad-hoc agreements with other users. Iagon’s dashboard makes it easy to take control of your earnings (if you want to).

Analytics & reporting

Follow the money and tweak your performance in real time with fine-grained reporting tools.

Pricing guidelines

Optimize risk and reward. Use projections and best practices to set your own price per gigabyte/gigahertz.

Custom smart contracts

Share dedicated specs with other cloud users and earn more. Draw up Ethereum-based smart contracts in minutes without writing a single line of code.

Cash out

Redeem, repeat

Spend your IAG on or off the network with no friction and no complexity. IAG tokens can easily be redeemed at current market prices or spent on our growing marketplace.


Buy Iagon-hosted services and apps on the marketplace.


Withdraw Ethereum to any ERC-20 wallet.

$ £ ‎€

Get periodic payouts in fiat currency.

A penny for your silicon?

Start making money from unused storage and computing power
today. Sign up or download the Host app.