Dr. Rohit Gupta

Cloud Computing Research Advisor

Rohit has a proven track record for establishing a culture of customer focus, operational excellence, continuous improvement and innovation in a range of domains, including Travel, E-commerce, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Fraud and Cloud computing. Always up for new challenges, he is a valued member of the IAGON advisory board as the Cloud Computing Research Advisor.

Director of Technology
Former Software Development Engineer

Dr. Yogesh Malhotra

AI/Machine Learning Advisor

As a revered expert and pioneer in the industry, Dr. Yogesh Malhotra will be a welcome addition to the IAGON team. Not only is Dr. Malhotra a brilliant mind, making his mark “filling the gaps between business and technology, data and knowledge, and, theory and practice” as Fortune magazine wrote about him, he has also served as invited Executive Education faculty for Carnegie Mellon University and Kellogg School of Management and as a tenure-track professor of Computer Science, Quantitative Methods, IT and Operations Research.

Clients and Patrons
Clients and Patrons
Clients and Patrons
Clients and Patrons

Jason North

Business Development Advisor

Jason is a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley specialising in SaaS. He has upwards of 15 years experience as a CRM expert on Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Siebel/Oracle On demand, SAP, Goldime and Act. Moreover, Jason is one of the leading advocates in the Blockchain space and is an advisory board member of several Blockchain projects around the globe.
In addition to his incredible background and knowledge in Cloud Computing, Jason has been featured in Forbes, Venture Atlanta, Dreamforce Speaker, Salesforce Blog, CNN Media, Hypepotamus and many other amazing publications throughout the years.

Former CRM expert

Dr. Nezer Zaidenberg

Cybersecurity Advisor

A seasoned technology executive with over 15 years of executive experience in Technology startups, Nezer has worked with development, project management, software architecture, Full stack R&D management and CTO projects. Currently he is leading a 10 person technology team, 15 graduate students, as well as leading technology teams of up to 40 developers. A few skills include deep familiarity with the UNIX architecture and kernel internals (Linux, OS X, Solaris), virtualization, Networking and Storage networking, C++ software and systems engineering and design.

Founder and CTO

Nikolay Shkilev

Strategic Advisor

Nikolay is a well-known crypto-enthusiast and mentor with over 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects, Nikolay Shkilev has been rated within the Top 10 in People of Blockchain, along with having numerous awards and titles in the IT industry, including ‘Self-Made Russia’, ‘Tech Guru’, and ‘Super Top’ awards. Nikolay is also the Co-Founder of ‘Top ICO advisors’, Founder and CEO of “Private Business Club”, and his holding has received the “Enterprise of the Year” award in the Kremlin. Additionally, Nikolay has many businesses that specialize in various directions, such as Logistics, FMCG, HoReCa and more.

Top 10 in People of Blockchain.

Vladimir Nikitin

Legal Advisor

Vladimir is well known in the cryptocurrency sector as a renowned cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor who is ranked as ICO bench’s 2nd most worldwide expert. As an active supporter and advocate of Blockchain technology, Vladimir Nikitin also provides advice and consultancy to various, reputable and established ICO’s in the CIS region.

Top Expert & legal Consultant

Chris Abdey

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor

Chris is a dedicated, motivated, aggressive leader who is committed to excellence. Focused on project management and customer relations specialist with leadership skills, he has over 13,000 hours of freelance experience, 13 years of customer service and project management experience.

Advisor & Expert in Customer Management

Petr Kosikhin

Blockchain Architect Advisor

Petr has over 9 years of experience in Telecom/IT industry with 4 Years of experience as an Engineer, 3 Years of experience in Sales, and over 2.5 years in Senior Executive management positions. He is also has extensive experience as a project manager.

Former Manager

Trond Skundberg

Business Development Advisor

Trond is a Digital Entrepreneurship enthusiast who transforms ideas into businesses and specializes in mentoring digital startups: from idea to rapid launch of applications to early customers. He has provided flexible global development resources for high-growth companies in the Nordics, cultivating for more than a decade.

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Dan Litwak

Senior Security Advisor

Dan is a Cyber Security professional with an extensive background in web, mobile and network technologies.

Founder and CTO

Suchet Dhindsa

Strategic Advisor

Chief Operating Officer at Everpedia, Suchet has a variety of projects and success under his belt, including being the Co-founder of Norway-based disruptive real estate platform, SeMinBolig.no, which is a company offering free, online home listings. Additionally, Suchet sits on the advisory boards of multiple, high profile companies across the globe.

COO of Everpedia
Former Consultant for United Nations

Sam Farao

Strategic Advisor

Sam is a Serial-entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, and a Blockchain enthusiast. Current;y, he is on the advisory board to IAGON and Twitter Technologies, as well as being a founding partner at Netpixle Media - a digital marketing agency.

Managing Partner

Dr. Elad Harison


Dr. Elad Harison - Co-founder and COO: He is an AI and Machine Learning Expert, Economist and Industrial Engineer. His everyday work integrates the technical, scientific, business and economic aspects of the organizational processes at IAGON. He is responsible for fostering a success-oriented, accountable environment within the company.

Advisor and Expert
Advisor and Expert

Dr. Claudio Lima


Dr. Claudio Lima is a seasoned executive and thought leader in advanced energy and telecom/IT, working with emerging technologies, new businesses and digital transformation. Dr. Lima has extensive Fortune 500 industry and high tech start-up experience as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and VP of Innovation, including R&D Labs, leading teams in advanced energy systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Enterprise Blockchain and AI, Smart Grid, Microgrid and Distributed and Intelligent Energy Resources (DER). Additionally, he has set up and led global advanced research and engineering projects and is the co-inventor of a disruptive patent on Microgrid Energy Transactive Energy.

Former CTO of Huawei

Vignesh Iyer

Blockchain Evangelist

Vingish is currently the chief driver of Winjit Inc. operations and holds the responsibility of setting up the strategic direction for Emerging Technologies especially in the area of IoT, Blockchain and AI/ML. Additionally, as part of the senior management team of Winjit, he is responsible for the overall revenue growth through strategic technology partnerships with various Blockchain, Industrial and AI/ML initiatives and a key member of several global IoT and Blockchain initiatives as well.

Blockchain Evangelist

Jai Porje

Project Manager

Jai is a professional service leader in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Enterprise Applications and mobility with over 10 years of experience and an extensive track record of success in building and implementing high performing solutions driving process and operational excellence, managing client accounts/relationships, growing profitable revenue and exceeding client expectations.

Project Manager

Vishal Waman

Project Lead

VishaI drives the organization's Blockchain team and guides them on implementation strategies. As a seasoned developer, Vishal has several years working with Node.js , NLP , React Redux , Heroku , MySql, Git, Visual Code, HTML, C#, LINQ, SQL Server, and TFS On premise. As a motivated self-starter, his keen understanding of business objectives and the ability to analyse situations before developing and completing a project on budget has made him an asset to have on the team.

Project Lead

Priyanka Pareek

Blockchain Business Analyst

Pryanka is an incredible Business Transformation Manager, who specializes in Enterprise Business Analysis, Complex Project Conceptualization and Building Processes. She also monitors the changing and growing trends in the Technology Sector.

Blockchain Business Analyst

Vijayta Bhatt

Fullstack Developer

Vijayta has eight years of extensive experience driving organizations Blockchain teams by guiding them on proper implementation strategies. Additionally, she is a seasoned developer with a strong background of solidity, IoT, Node JS, and Mobile App Development.

Fullstack Developer

Saji Xavier

Fullstack Developer

With over 15 years of software development experience in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Multi tenant SaaS applications,Cryptocurrency Trading Systems, Team Collaboration Software, WebRTC Solutions, VoIP Softswitches,WLAN Controllers, Telecom and Networking technologies, Saji is a welcome addition to any team.

Fullstack Developer

Eva Štrus

Marketing Manager

Being passionate about innovative digital communication strategies and inbound marketing, Eva has a proven track record of creating and implementing successful online marketing campaigns. Additionally, She is a proactive and self-directed person who is up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies and is committed to taking on challenging assignments.

Rose Marie Taylor

Project Lead

As an experienced content creator and brand enhancement specialist, Rose has developed a demonstrated history of successfully enhancing the visibility of clients’ brands, including heightened site traffic and conversion rates. She is a great content development specialist and works hard to ensure that your vision comes to fruition.

Inged Sanchez

Community Manager

Inged specializes in training, sales, project management, social media and marketing. With a keen focus on growing and developing startups, she has gained years of experience in building new businesses and possesses the skills necessary to properly motivate the team.

Pavlo Babenko

Community Manager

Pavlo is an experienced project manager in a number of fields, including digital marketing, tourism, culture and more. In addition, Pavlo has the skills necessary to move the directional development of new businesses, while continuing to be an active member of public organizations that will contribute to the development of Ukrainian culture and tourism potential.

Darko Angelovski

Community Manager

As a Freelance Marketing expert, Darko has amassed a variety of valuable relationships within many industries and has the ability to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Ahmad Dewanto Choirul Huda

Campaign Manager

With multiple years of experience, Ahmad has successfully handled the management of numerous Bounty campaigns, including Odem, Realisto, Iagon, Cherr.io, Streamity and others. Not only does he possess efficient management skills, but he is also incredibly enthusiastic about Blockchain technology.


Initial Adopters

Neureal is a platform that allows anyone to come to the network with something they want to be predicted, live data streams they believe will be relevant to that prediction, and a reward for the most accurate predictor. From there, predictive algorithms, neural networks, human-powered/augmented prediction markets, and even predictors that have yet to be invented compete to give the most accurate prediction.


Initial Adopters

ImmVRse offers a revolutionary distributed platform that is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain and geared towards brands looking to branch out into the new and compelling world of VR. This will revolutionize the marketplace as ImmVRse allows them to hire content creators in a quick, easy and convenient manner. Furthermore, ImmVRse is an encrypted, connected & decentralised blockchain VR video-sharing platform, where VR content producers are able to showcase their talents to a much broader audience than traditional methods would allow because the viewers are actually able to interact within the community by liking, commenting and sharing videos, while simultaneously receiving incentivized rewards.


Initial Adopters

BitNautic is on the path of innovatively transforming the Global shipping industry by developing a distributed, decentralized platform, based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The decision to take this innovative step comes with intentions of connecting Ship Owners, Carriers, Shippers and industry stakeholders, together in one place. Additionally, BitNautic offers user features that enhance the overall experience, including, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based booking system, a wholesale e-commerce platform, and even a real-time tracking of ships and cargo.



Bancor Protocol is a standard for the creation of Smart Tokens™, cryptocurrencies with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts. Bancor utilizes an innovative token “connector” method to enable formulaic price calculation and continuous liquidity for all integrated tokens, without needing to match two parties in an exchange. Smart Tokens interconnect to form token liquidity networks, allowing user-generated cryptocurrencies to thrive. To convert tokens instantly, visit the Bancor Web App or join the Bancor Telegram group for more information.



The Nauticus Exchange is a housing unit for over 100 cryptocurrencies and will be holding our digital asset, the IAGON (IAG) token as well. Nauticus showcases multiple trading pairs, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) among others and is currently the only platform to support six fiat currencies. The Australian-based platform is fully registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), allowing Nauticus to act as a global remittance provider and payment processor.