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Iagon’s decentralized nature and superior security are made possible by blockchain technology. The grid runs on Ethereum, but with a couple of efficiency and future-proofing tricks up its sleeve.

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An orchestra of devices

Think of Iagon as a distributed supercomputer that runs on a zillion different laptops, servers and data centers around the world.

They share their spare storage and computing power with the grid, and the grid’s ‘brain’ coordinates those resources efficiently and in perfect synchrony.

Working with file slices

Your data never touches Iagon in the form you see it in, e.g. documents, media, database entries. Instead, every file is sliced into fragments before being sent to the grid to be stored or processed.

Each fragment is encrypted and an optimal number of backup copies are made to ensure complete reliability.

Iagon’s artificial intelligence continually optimizes how many fragments and copies are sent to which host, and when.

Behavior prediction for hosts more likely to be online.

Max efficiency by using resources the best way possible

24/7 uptime thanks to backup copies and constant optimization

No central control, no problem

On centralized cloud providers such as Amazon, Google or Dropbox, your data sits in one place and a single breach could expose it all.

On Iagon, instead, an attacker would need to match the network’s massive computational power to find, decrypt and stitch together all your file segments. Which is essentially a mathematically impossible feat.

Elite security bolted in

Each fragment of your files is secured with the highest standard of
military-grade encryption. And on top of that, you get today’s most
advanced security features to protect your account.

Network security

Dual layer security and hash cryptographic trees across the grid.


End-to-end military grade encryption for every file fragment.

File vaulting

An additional layer of protection for your most sensitive folders and files.

Two-factor authentication

Optional 2FA to protect your account further.

Blockchain that looks beyond

Iagon’s decentralized nature and superior security are made possible
by blockchain technology. The grid runs on Ethereum, but with a
couple of efficiency and future-proofing tricks up its sleeve.



Iagon runs on Ethereum, the proven and secure backbone of today’s decentralized internet. It’s compatible with most DApps on the market.


Proof of Utilitarian Work

Iagon’s zero-waste mining protocol builds the blockchain with CPU cycles and storage, which are directly useful to its operation.


Future-ready architecture

The grid’s design and AI capability are built to seamlessly adapt to future standards in decentralization such as IOTA’s Tangle.

Smart contracts regulate data storage, processing and retrieval

IAG tokens ensure a fair, real-time market economy for cloud resources

No trust required: automatic transactions without intermediaries

Tamper-proof transactions are immutably stored on the blockchain

Self-learning superpowers

To bring you the future without complexity, we taught
Iagon to improve itself, millisecond after millisecond.

Meet the Alexandria Protocol

At Iagon’s core lies a powerful artificial intelligence that learns from every participant, device and transaction in order to keep the global supercomputer smooth, efficient, and fairly priced.

Regulates the market




Great hosts finish first

Since Iagon is democratic, we needed a way to keep transactions fair for everyone. The AI monitors hosts’ good hospitality and assigns a score that impacts revenue.

Things like staying online, taking good care of file slices, and sharing more resources help you earn more.

Our AI makes Iagon radically different

The full privacy, security and power of decentralization, and with unlimited growth potential. Iagon can scale indefinitely and gets more efficient with every new device and transaction.

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Iagon handles both storage and processing, and in fact it’s compatible with most decentralized clouds. For example, you can store data on Sia and process it on Iagon seamlessly. And while Iagon currently uses blockchain now, it’s designed to easily scale to new Distributed Ledgers such as Tangle.


Using AI to optimize cloud computing has powerful advantages in almost any use case. The technology can be transferred to private grids, or put in the service of future decentralized applications.